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Like all small communities, we pride ourselves on building close, respectful and family-orientated relationships. 


Our parents and students are sad to leave SVIS but are grateful that they are prepared for the demands of life in the wider world.  Here are some of our cherished comments:


"A great school that puts an emphasis on the respect of others, as children come from all around the world and work together. The exchange of culture between children and the environment in which they are taught greatly encourages their creativity and makes SVIS a unique place.

The staff is encouraging, loving and willing to make sacrifices to better the experience of the students.
Different events happen all along the year, organized by the students, for the students.

Plus, the landscape around the school is fantastic and definitely helps to put a smile on people’s face every day!"

-Former student​

"The last three years at SVIS have not only helped me to become a better student but also a better person overall. The IB in combination with this small, family-like environment was almost spoiling and I am very grateful to have found and experienced this opportunity. The few people that you see every day at this school grew to close friends and companions. Thank you to all the people that have made this an unforgettable experience." 


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