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Our Vision

Ethics and Environment at SVIS


The Sainte Victoire International School is without doubt an internationally oriented school. It provides a holistic education for students from primary school through to the end of secondary.


Starting in the primary school, teaching is bilingual.  Language groups are split according to language level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) allowing them to achieve their potential for fluency in both French and English. ​​


SVIS provides an innovative approach to teaching and learning, incorporating new and cross-disciplinary subject methods to enhance the experiences and opportunities for students.


The school, which is situated in the heart of an international 18-hole golf course facing the Sainte Victoire mountain, offers its students a healthy and peaceful school environment.


Our Philosophy


We ensure students are the central focus of our school.


The two fundamental pillars of SVIS are:


  • to offer a balanced international curriculum combining academic learning with sport, artistic and cultural activities


  • to create a community mind-set based on respecting differences and celebrating the diversity in our world.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”


Benjamin Franklin

Sainte Victoire International School - Château

Our Values

Our school values are:


  • to encourage curiosity and an appetite for learning that allows cultural and academic growth within our exceptional environment


  • to show respect for oneself, one’s fellow classmates, for teachers and all members of the SVIS community


  • to promote ambition by setting personal goals and to provide students with opportunities and means to reach those goals


  • to display courage and perseverance which are essential qualities for developing a student’s holistic potential: academically, artistically, athletically.

Our Aims​


SVIS aims to be the leading international school in Europe. Our magnificent environment is truly conducive to promoting a holistic education where physical, social and mental well-being is as important as academic development. 


Our international curriculum challenges students to:


  • think creatively

  • work collaboratively

  • learn comprehensively and

  • live comfortably in our ever-changing, dynamic world.


When they graduate from SVIS, we envision students to be:


  • resilient

  • resourceful

  • responsible

  • respectful and

  • ready for the challenges they will face in an increasingly competitive world.


We provide a relevant and purposeful curriculum that incorporates a range of teaching styles and assessment techniques that bring learning to life and life to learning. 


Our lessons comprise of content that, not only supports academic success, but which contributes significantly to development across a range of essential life skills. 


As an IB world school, the ‘IB Learner Profile’ (appendix 1) and the ‘IB Approaches to Learning’ (appendix 3) permeate our whole school curriculum.  Using these alongside SVIS aims, visions and philosophies, and the Cambridge learner attributes (appendix 2) our teachers create a stimulating educational environment for our students.  Subject specific objectives are blended with appropriate ATL skills and delivered using a range of modern teaching methodologies.  This comprehensive approach to lesson planning allows students to access and develop a range of holistic opportunities and skills. 

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