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House System

SVIS is extremely fortunate to be situated, not only in a fantastic natural environment but, in a region rich in historical and cultural influence.  We named the house groups at our school after two very famous and influential local figures.  The impact of these personalities can be seen in and around Provence today and to celebrate their memory and keep them alive, they have become our posthumous house captains. 

We ensure a broad and balanced range of house activities that stimulate healthy competition in academic, sport, art and cultural activities.  These have included touch rugby tournaments, a mini MUN conference, 'bumper general knowledge' quizzes and a house music event to name but a few.   


Frédéric Mistral was a local writer and lexicographer (he wrote dictionaries!) who won a Nobel Prize for literature in 1904.  In his rather failed attempt to resurrect the Provençal language, Mistral poured his passion and frustration into writing some of France's most famous poetry. 

Mistral was a perfect choice of house captain as he represents SVISs Bilingual vision and acts as a continual reminder for our community to continue celebrating language, communication and to strive for success in the face of adversity.

During HOUSE activities the Mistral House wear BLUE


Paul Cézanne was a painter who revolutionised the art world.  Cézanne began the Cubist movement when he started using art as a form of expression as opposed to an accurate depiction of real-life which had previously been the norm. 

He was well known for using the Sainte Victoire Mountain as refuge and stimulus in the late 19th century, where he created some of the most significant artworks of his time.  Cézanne's risk-taking approach and love of our local area makes him an obvious choice for house captain.  

During house activities the Cézanne house wear RED

Culture et sport à SVIS

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