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Experiential Learning

Learning through 'hands-on' experience is one of the most valuable ways to turn the ideology of a holistic education in to a reality.  At SVIS we believe in the philosophy of  Confucius:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”


Benjamin Franklin

Experiential Learning

Utilising the natural school environment and integrating the IBDP approaches to learning across our whole-school, SVIS brings learning to life and life to learning.

As seen in our academics section, our classroom methods focus strongly on student involvement in order to develop social and emotional skills as well as academic success. 

Our curricular and extra-curricular programmes allow many opportunities for experiential education as:

  • our older and younger students work together and collaborate regularly.

  • students can choose from a range of subject specific projects to explore ensuring relevance and personal interest.

  • local and international school trips are organised to investigate cultures and apply learning in a different context.

  • curiosity is encouraged through research and discovery of a student-led, personal project in a student's IGCSE years.

  • challenges are continually available for students of all ages and fully supported by motivated and enthusiastic staff who value holistic approaches to teaching and learning.​​


SVIS Trips

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International Day

Sharing Experience


SVIS runs a series of special focus weeks and days that concentrate learning around a theme or set of specific learning goals to allow the whole school to share experiences.  These include:

  • Week of the Press : exploring pertinent local and world-wide issues as well as the changing nature of language across different mediums.

  • Week Without Walls : all students have the opportunity to attend an international trip that combines previous learning with pure fun! 

  • For those choosing to remain in school, a series of daily, local trips are organised.

  • International Day : where parents and students share the best parts of their home country and help us learn more about each other's identities.

  • St. Patrick's Day, St. Valentine's Day, Halloween and Carnivale, plus other specific days where we follow and celebrate traditions from around the world.

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