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Provence: a land of contrasts

The Region


La Provence: a land full of character which cannot leave anybody feeling indifferent. Art, culture, a historic building and natural spaces in a majestic and sunny setting.... all the right ingredients to allow anyone to grow and fulfil their potential.

Economically speaking, La Provence is home to numerous businesses that are eager to grow, but still wish to ensure an exceptional quality of life for their employees.

Further information is available on the following sites:

Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office:


Pays d’Aix développement:


Sainte Victoire

The Sainte Victoire mountain, which overlooks the school, provides an exceptional natural environment for our pupils.


Creeks of Cassis

The creeks of Cassis, with their breath-taking panorama, are situated only 30 minutes from the grounds. 

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Sitting prominently in Aix-en-Provence is King Rene’s fountain, designed in 1819 by Pierre-Henri Revoil. The fountain represents the good King René‚ who is wearing the crown of the Counts of Provence, holding the scepter and the muscatel grape, which he himself introduced to Provence, and has books at his feet (as a guardian of Arts and Letters).

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The Notre Dame de la Garde basilica, in Marseilles, was built in 1864. It offers a rich collection of ex-votos in the shape of boats, intended to protect sailors.    



It was in the 19th Century that the growing of lavender developed in Provence, which has been used in the composition of perfumes and medical treatments since the Middle Ages.

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