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Admission Procedure for SVIS 

How do I enrol my child at Sainte Victoire International School ?

The admission policy for SVIS is part of a process to determine whether the student can integrate our establishment under conditions that will enable them to achieve their objectives.


The admission process involves the following steps :


An initial interview between the family and the Headteacher.


For students wishing to join the International section, an interview with the I.B. co-ordinator.


General placement test and language test.


Reception of academic documentation: school reports for the previous two academic years, teacher assessments and any other documents providing evidence of academic achievement and student motivation. If possible, a letter of recommendation from the student’s previous school.


Meeting of the teaching team and a decision on whether to admit the student to SVIS.


Headteacher informs the family of the decision within five days of the meeting.

Please contact the school for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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