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Middle School



Our Middle School programme allows a smooth and fluent transition from primary school.  The number of challenges our students face continue to rise in complexity and maturity as we build upon essential life skills relevant to their adolescent years.  Middle school students in SVIS work towards acquiring an in-depth understanding and appreciation for learning that will prepare them for whatever their future holds.  

In order for students to discover and reach their full potential, we encourage more independent working at this stage.  Students in middle school look to get involved in self-assessment techniques so that they may set personal learning and social goals that are specific to their needs.

SVIS staff differentiate tasks to accommodate the variety of student's understanding and linguistic abilities.  In many cases, teachers and students happily liaise and agree on extension activities, extended time or adapted assessment methods; either way, all students work towards and achieve success within the same set of learning objectives while at the same time can experiment with individuality and flair.

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The middle school programme at SVIS spans three years and by the end of this stage, students are prepared academically and personally to fully conquer the challenges of the IGCSE exams that await them.

In the Middle School, our core subjects follow the Cambridge International Examinations Level 1 Curriculum (CIE).  This offers a smooth transition from the NCfE objectives to those required for successful study at IGCSE. 


The CIE core subject areas are:    


  • English (first language)

  • English (as a second language)

  • Mathematics

  • Science

As in the primary school, French first language students follow the French National Curriculum (FNC).    The other subjects which complete the middle school curriculum are as follows: 


  • Geography

  • History

  • Spanish

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Sport & Golf

Building upon previous learning, the above subjects continue to follow SVIS's adapted NCfE aims and objectives and we continue the bilingual approach to teaching and learning with an even mix of French and English language delivery across the variety of subjects.

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