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Primary School


Our Primary School is a place where students can grow in a safe, structured and stimulating environment. 


Our students are taught by a range of French and International staff who each bring their own identity to the classroom.  From an early age, our students learn to be flexible, responsive and are able to adapt to the changes in instruction as a result of the wide spectrum of teachers and teaching styles they experience. 


At SVIS, the development of life-skills are valued just as highly as academic progress and achievement.  As an IBDP school, life-skills learning permeates our curriculum and we are committed to ensuring these are valued and actively taught. 

Primaire SVIS
Activités Primaires


SVIS celebrates its diversity and embraces its multi-cultural community.  Our primary school plays a fundamental role in laying the foundation for developing sincere and considerate global citizens.   


Through the design of its curricular and extra curricular programmes, SVIS is geared towards ensuring a broad and balanced mix of immersion activities. 


SVIS promotes open communication between students and staff and strongly encourages that students be fully involved and actively take part in their education.

Bilingual structure

The bilingual structure at SVIS ensures the celebration of cultural diversity and allows our community to flourish in terms of communication and involvement in learning.   


We believe that a bilingual education offers a 'first look' at the aforementioned life-skills.  As a student progresses through the stages at SVIS, these skills - first introduced through our bilingual approach - can be applied across a plethora of academic and social interactions; helping students to problem solve, understand and be resilient in the complex and challenging world they live in.  


Introducing students to the complexity of language and culture from an early age promotes invaluable qualities which include, but are not limited to, comparison and discussion, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, tolerance and patience. 

SVIS School France - Facilities
Primaire St Patrick

Primary School Curriculum

In the Primary School, our subject aims and objectives are adapted from the National Curriculum for England (NCfE).  We have personalised the NCfE to meet the needs of our International students and to celebrate France as our home country. 

Across all subjects, teachers draw additional content from the French National Curriculum (FNC) as well as suggested teaching approaches and assessment ideas taken from the IBDP.  Our Primary School curriculum utilises the best of a range of international approaches to education to ensure a variety of learning experiences for our students.   


These selected, best pedagogical practices alongside purposeful and regularly facilitated access to life learning opportunities makes our primary school a unique and inspiring place to be!

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