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IB Diploma



SVIS believes The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) is the best curriculum available for students aged 16-19.

Recognised internationally the IB DP is fast becoming the preferred qualification for university entrance.


Students share an educational experience that emphasises critical thinking as well as intercultural understanding and respect for others in the global community.


The IB DP offers a broad and balanced curriculum in which students are encouraged to apply what they learn to real world issues and problems.   

Wherever possible, subjects are taught from an international perspective.


The IBDP is the culmination of the SVIS educational programme where primary, middle and IGCSE courses act as preparation for this challenging yet stimulating programme. 

Many subjects within the IB programme, particularly higher level courses, are equal to first or second year university programmes. 

SVIS takes great pride in that our graduating students go on to achieve significant success in future studies; our students are not merely prepared for university but for life in a fast-paced and challenging world.

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IB Values


At the heart of the Diploma Programme is the learner, surrounded by three core requirements that IBDP students must fulfil in addition to their coursework in six subjects.  


More than simply a qualification, the IBDP emphasises it's Learner Profile encouraging students to become:


  • inquirers

  • knowledge

  • thinkers

  • communicators

  • principled

  • open-minded

  • caring

  • risk takers

  • balanced

  • reflective.

IB Pathways


There are two pathways of study available to SVIS students.  The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the IB Diploma Courses Program (IBDC).   The requirement to maintain studies in all six subject groups of the Diploma Programme Model ensures the breadth of curriculum required by many national university systems.

The choice of appropriate Higher Level (HL) subjects enables students to obtain the degree of specialisation required for university entrance. Higher Level subjects should be selected to complement a student’s previously demonstrated academic strengths and interests in tertiary study.  

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)


In order to gain the full IB Diploma, students are required to:

  • Study six subjects from the IB Diploma Programme Model.  

  • Three subjects must be studied at Higher Level (HL)

  • Three subjects must be studied at Standard Level (SL)

  • The IB Core: Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity, & Service.

IB Course Programme (IBDC)

In order to gain an IB Diploma Courses Transcript students are required to:

  • Study six subjects from the IB Curriculum; one or two subjects can be studied at Higher Level (HL) although all SLs are acceptable 

  • The remaining subjects must be studied at Standard Level (SL)

  • Complete Creativity, Activity, & Service (approximately 2-3 hours per week of CAS activities).


IB Subjects

At SVIS we offer an impressive range of subjects for students to choose from:

Group 4


  • Biology HL and SL

  • Chemistry HL and SL

  • Physics HL and SL

  • *Environmental systems and societies SL (Groups 3 and 4)

Group 5


  • Mathematics Applications HL and SL

  • Mathematics Analysis HL and SL

Group 6

The Arts 

*These courses are available subject to demand.

  • Theatre HL and SL

  • Visual Art HL and SL

  • Music HL and SL

  • Film HL and SL (online)

Group 1

Language A: Language and Literature

  • English HL and SL

  • French HL and SL

  • German HL and SL

  • Russian HL and SL

  • **Additional languages are available subject to requests.

Group 2

Language B: Language acquisition

  • English HL and SL

  • French HL and SL

  • Italian HL and SL

  • German HL and SL

  • Spanish HL and SL

  • Language Ab Initio SL

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

Group 3

Individuals and Society

  • Economics HL and SL

  • Geography HL and SL

  • Global Politics HL and SL

  • Business Management HL and SL (online)

  • Psychology Hl and SL (online)

  • **Environmental systems and societies SL (Groups 3 and 4)

Additional Information

Additional information on the International Baccalaureate is available by downloading the IB Policy Manual file opposite.

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