Sainte Victoire International School

Domaine Chateau l'Arc

Chemin de Maurel

13710 FUVEAU

After School Activities

At SVIS we offer a range of diverse after school clubs that cover the cultural, physical, social and academic spectrums.  This year our clubs have grown in accordance with our teacher talents and student requested activities to include:

  • Running Club

  • M.U.N. 

  • Astronomy

  • Year Book

  • Touch Rugby

  • Golf

  • Sport & Games

For our boarders, an evening and weekend schedule is arranged in advance, in collaboration with the boarding house staff, to keep students active and allow them to plan a week of varied activities.  As well as sport and relaxation activities, our students often spend time in Aix en Provence visiting the local parks, movie theatres and enjoying the fresh air and beauty of this nearby, medieval town.

Culture et sport à SVIS